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Homes, rental properties, and business buildings can be unoccupied for several reasons. The previous homeowner might have been evicted, for example, and the property might be sitting unoccupied while it awaits a new buyer or lessee.

Or maybe a home’s current owner has already bought and moved into a new house but hasn’t sold the old one yet. Perhaps a business owner has invested in extensive upgrades to the building, requiring it to be unoccupied during the renovations. Maybe a military member stationed abroad maintains a home in the US that remains uninhabited most of the year. Or an apartment unit is empty while waiting for a new tenant. Whatever the case, let Writer Agency, LLC be your guide to vacant dwelling insurance in Nebraska. 


Standard Home Insurance & the Owner-Occupied Provision

Standard home insurance policies are written under the stipulation that the insured property be “owner-occupied”. This means the person or at least one of the persons paying the mortgage and the insurance premium must live in the building year-round.

Generally speaking, most home insurance policies contain exclusions that kick in after a home has been left uninhabited over 30 days. In some instances, a homeowner’s policy might become completely nullified for inadequate owner occupancy. 

Insurance policies for business and rental property typically include provisions requiring some form of occupancy, too. These work similarly to those found in home insurance. 

Western Nebraska Tenant Dwelling Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

When you purchase a tenant dwelling insurance policy from Writer Agency, LLC, you have considerable latitude in customizing the policy to suit your needs. A big part of our job is helping you understand how all the pieces fit. We’ll review all your risks and liabilities with you and fully address all your questions. We want to help you make educated decisions regarding suitable coverages for you, your properties, and all your tenants.


What Does Tenant Dwelling Insurance Cover?

As mentioned, coverage types and amounts can vary significantly from one landlord insurance policy to another. However, the following are coverage types commonly offered by landlord/tenant dwelling insurance policies:

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Building Coverage

Building coverage protects various buildings and structures on the Nebraska property itself. In addition to tenant buildings, other covered structures can include:

  • Garages
  • Storage buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Fences
  • Retaining walls, and other structures

In addition, building coverage also protects any of the landlord’s personal property he/she may use to maintain and/or service the property.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you, the property owner, from liability claims arising due to bodily injury and property damage suffered by tenants in Nebraska.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Loss of Income Coverage

If you’re forced to temporarily suspend operations of your insured property, this coverage reimburses you, the property owner, for loss of business income while your tenant-dwelling property is shut down.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment breakdown coverage reimburses the property owner for damages to insured property caused by mechanical failures of insured equipment such as broken pipes.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Tenant Move Back Coverage

If an insured event forces you, the landlord, to temporarily relocate tenants to alternate lodgings, tenant move back coverage helps defray the cost of moving them back home after the property is again deemed livable.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance Heating or Air Conditioning Loss Coverage

This coverage provides reimbursement for payments made to a tenant if a mechanical failure causes complete failure of heating or air conditioning in a tenant’s residence.

Contact Writer Agency, LLC for a Free Tenant Dwelling Insurance Quote

If you’re shopping for landlord insurance in Ogallala, Nebraska, we’d be thrilled to hear from you! As an independent Nebraska insurance agency, we partner with numerous landlord insurance carriers. Why is that important?  All those partners give us the capacity to save you the hassle and inconvenience of shopping around for insurance coverage.  We’ll do it for you! 

At Writer Agency, LLC, we are passionate about proper tenant dwelling insurance coverage.  We believe that our professional responsibilities are not to a corporation, but to clients. We don’t work for the insurance industry.  We work for you! We proudly service Ogallala, Nebraska, and its surrounding areas. 

If you’re ready to start a new friendship with a landlord insurance agency in Nebraska that cares, call Writer Agency, LLC today at (308) 284-6417. Or for a free online tenant dwelling quote, fill out our online quote form on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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